Getting a loan with low interest in South Sudan when you are not employed in format is hard and not affordable…. But as per now you don’t have to worry about that because we are providing loans to everyone regardless of if you’re employed or not.

All you need is collateral to be eligible for a loan between $100 and $500 that is supposed to be paid back within 30 days with interest.

I know there maybe websites in South Sudan that allows one to obtain a non-collateral loan within minutes but their fees are just too much and you are required to pay back within 2 weeks. This is why I have decided to come up with a better solution.

Please note that I am not a financial related registered company now, this is simply me personally trying to help.

What qualifies to be collateral?

Anything of high value that can be sold easily qualifies to be collateral. This includes phones, laptops, gaming consoles, computers etc.

How do we evaluate collateral?

As a business, we do not want to make losses; as a result, if you fail to pay back the loan, we may sell the collateral.

We have a simple method we use to evaluate or find the value or how much someone would buy them.

For example, if you have a phone you bought at $300, you would not sell it for $$300 because of depreciation. You might sell it probably at $200 or even at $150.

On our business side, we do not want to make a loss even when we sell the collateral and it should not take us time to find a customer.

Therefore, for example if you want a loan for $300, and you have a phone as collateral you bought at $300. Your phone would not qualify to be collateral because it cannot be sold at the price you bought it. Therefore, the best way to know an item can qualify to be collateral is to divide or multiply the cost by 2.

For example if you want you want a loan for $200, provide something worth double the amount.

How to apply for a loan

Please fill this form to apply for a loan and wait for 2 hours for a response but on some cases, may take up to 24hours. If you qualify, proceed below and download the loan agreement.


You can get any amount between $100 and $500 at an interest rate of 1% per day of which you have to pay back within 31 days.

You can pay whenever you feel like but within 31 days.  And my loans are only available to people in Juba. There are no hidden fees; you do not pay anything apart from the amount showing in the calculator.

My Loan Service will resume in June 2023… Please do not apply now.

Loan Terms and Conditions

For loan terms and conditions, download the loan agreement form below, print it out, fill it with your handwriting, and come with it (and collateral) as you come to collect your loan in person.

Click here to download the loan agreement form.