My name is Mila Joshua Yona

My blog, Milasona is a great place to promote your business, startup, products, or services with a sponsored post, which can also include images, and contact information among others

Unbelievably, promoting your business, products, or events with a blog post is far better than a banner advertisement. You can go ahead and google the advantages of content marketing.

Sponsored posts, which can include articles, press releases, videos, and interviews…. You name it, are not FREE and payments are required before posts go live on my blog.

Other than posting your article on my blog,

  • The sponsored post will be shared on the blog’s social media platforms.
  • It will also be sent to the email inbox of all the blog’s email subscribers
  • In addition, if your article is interesting enough, I might just boost it with a Facebook Ad too.

Sponsoring a post will get your info permanently available on my blog, shared with thousands of social media followers, and passed through RSS feeds and newsletters.

Thousands of blog readers are currently subscribed to Milasona with their email addresses and still counting. This simply means that once your post goes live on the blog, those subscribers will get to know about you, your products/services, or your business and they will see the post as a recommendation from me. Cool huh?

I will also use my SEO skills to ensure people discover your sponsored post when they search Google and other search engines using keywords associated with your products and services.

Take note, that all links in the article will be live and connected to your site but will not pass PageRank.

It is not necessary to have a website before I can promote your business. I can set up a website for your business though.

I will also ensure that your info sticks to the homepage of the blog for some days, no matter how many posts are published after your sponsored posts.

Kindly note that the sponsored post will stay on my blog for life as long as the blog exists.

Who Writes the Sponsored Post?

Since you know your business or product best, then you are to write the article and send it to me. If you are not able to write, pay someone to write for you the article. I might also be in a position to help you come up with a simple article only if you can provide me with some basic details.

If you would like, I can let you sponsor an existing article. If all you desire is to be affiliated with a particular subject matter, take a moment to search the blog using the search boxes. If you find an article you would like to sponsor, just let me know which one, and I will edit it for you.

Ready to get started?

It will cost you $70 (70,000 ssp) per post

I accept payments via bank deposits, mobile/online transfer, Western Union, and PayPal and I will begin the project as soon as the funds reach my account.

Cool, I am interested. What Should I Do?

  • Send a mail to mila@milasona.com with the subject “Interested in a Sponsored Post”. I will revert to you ASAP.
  • I can also generate an invoice for you if represent a company.

Alternatively, you can TEXT or WhatsApp me at +211923777098.

If you call and could not reach me, kindly text or email me so, I can easily follow up.

I look forward to promoting you!

Note: I do not refund any payments once I publish your post on the blog and I have the right to delete or do anything with the links in the posts after publishing if I discover that it can hurt my blog.