10 Lessons you Learn from Failure

Many of you will confess if not in secret that there are those moments when you feel that nothing is working anymore. You feel like a complete trash can.

Nevertheless, there are also those moments when you feel on top of the world. The life we live is full of ups and downs that if you don’t have the patience and perseverance, you might end up kicking the bucket.

So in this article, we breakdown some lessons learned during our ups and downs and we hope it can also help you out during your trying moments.

1. Never to give up

Unless you’re not the next Edison Thomas, you should never let your dream slip by. People who persist and patiently chase their dreams realize the sweetness of living the dream.

All ideas can become a reality until you give up on them.

During your downturns, you should be vigilant not to let negative thoughts to succumb your thinking. The force of thinking negatively can come so daring that if you’re not strong enough, you will think you’re the only one who has seen hell.

Look for inspirations and sources of motivation to always rethink your goals and aspirations.

2. Always be optimistic

Some people refer to optimism as false hope. However, the harsh reality is that when you’re not optimistic, you will lack the courage and ability to do whatever it is that you planned to do.

Optimism also allows you to focus on the future making the present a process to get there.

When you’re optimistic, you get the zeal to achieve and make meaning out of life. People will judge you but you will care less about the negative energy they project towards you.

3. Never give anyone a chance to put you down

One of the vulnerabilities of human nature is the need to fit into society. Most often this gives others the chance to look down on you because of very many factors. Such include, maybe they are better than you either financially or materially.

This usually happens during your downturns. Take note of such people because they will camouflage as your friends in your glory days.

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4. Always seek to learn

When you seek to learn, knowledge will chase after you everywhere you go. Many people often like to speak and listen less hence in the process, the quieter person often learns at the expense of the one speaking.

Audio books and internet are helpful places to learn new content when you get time.

You can improve your weaknesses by learning a new skill or even language that will help you at a later stage of your life. Personally, I loved the idea of coding so I had to dig in and learn all I could about the subject matter.

5. Admit when you don’t know something

It’s better to admit when you don’t know something than to pretend in the face of danger. Have you seen surgeons, kill their patients just because they were not qualified to be surgeons?

It’s a character trait of arrogant people to always use this habit and yet the end result is always catastrophic.

Failure teaches you to be humble and adore humility.

6. Take note of people who stood by you when you’re down

During your failures, you will lose a lot of people. Be it, family or friends. Just be keen to understand that they were not meant to be in your life.

However, you should never forget anyone who stood by you during that period. This is because they had a choice to walk away from you and yet they stood firm and believed in you.

You will learn to be generous to people.

7. There is no reason to be bossy

During your failures, you will realize that there was no reason to be bossy or above anyone. Everyone is equally important as the other and if you’re the type that never valued people, you will choose humility.

The worst part is when you’re down and arrogant, people will always avoid you. If you’re a boss, all your workers may choose to resign.

8. Be realistic to yourself

Coming to a realization about yourself is the quickest way to get you out of your failure zone. You get to understand whether you were living life to impress others or normally.

There is actually no we but rather I,that’s if you were driven by peer pressure.

People who are not realistic to themselves always hide their intentions. You get to understand that no one is actually perfect.

Know your weaknesses and strengths and start working on them. Make peace with your past and concentrate on the present.

9. Work hard but smart

Everything requires hard work but sometimes you need to apply intellect and work smarter. If you tried a different approach and it’s not working out, don’t give up.

You need to be consistent and willing to make a thorough research to improve the prevailing circumstance.

10. Success is a series of failures

Everyone who ever became successful was once a failure. You should not be programmed for success only and yet fail to handle failure.

Embrace the fact that sometimes, things might not go as planned and always be flexible. You should always have a backup plan.


Finally, have you ever seen yourself as a failure or felt like all hope is gone? Share with us in the comments about how that made you feel and what did you do to bounce back on track.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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