6 Things That Can Ruin Your Curriculum Vitae during Job Application

We often hear people saying that our resume would speak for us when applying for a job so you need to add every necessary information when coming up with your resume.

Well, that’s true to some extent. The person recruiting you needs to know you through your resume so you have to state all the necessary details in it.

In other words, your curriculum vitae introduces you to your recruiter

However, as much as you’re trying to build your resume, you must not forget that there are some things you must not add to it so that it doesn’t appear creepy.

Your resume is the gateway to your desired job so it can unlock doors for you and also close them if presented inappropriately.

Whatever you put in your resume is what your recruiter will perceive of you.

The fact remains that there are a lot of unemployed youths out there today. They are trying the best ways possible to land a job. However, truth be told some people are the cause of their unemployment.

A few things might have hindered their job opportunity in which case a bad CV or Resume carries the highest percentage.

So what should you avoid in your resume (Curriculum Vitae).

1. Negativity

Unless you want to be rejected at first sight by your recruiter, you should avoid negativity at all costs. Don’t give bad reports and encounters of yourself in your CV.

Be positive in your descriptions.  Positive energy attracts companies and industries to employ you.

2. Grammatical Errors

Ensure that you stay away from spelling errors while preparing your CV. You can also proofread your CV before submitting it.

Bad grammar and spelling can piss your potential recruiter off. You can make use of online tools like Grammarly to autocorrect your grammar and spelling.

3. Personal Information Like Your Hobbies

You should not be informal with your CV. Personal information like hobbies can make you appear informal.

Stay official and only avail information that is professional and more official.

4. Pictures

As much as pictures will make your CV look more appealing, avoid it at all costs. Recruiters are not interested in your pictures unless if they request them.

5. Lengthy Information

Do not add too much unnecessary information to your CV. You need to be brief and precise. Stay away from stories, you can do that in your cover letter but not a CV.

Be very precise and simple.

6. Lying

If you’re a good liar, keep it to yourself. Stay away from adding content in your CV that you can’t prove during the interview or have evidence for.


Go and make corrections on your CV now and see yourself land a new job. It’s never too late. Thank me later.

Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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  1. I have acquired a knowledge to improve my resume and now am seeking for your help to aquint me with a broader over view

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