Get yourself a G32 Wireless Handsfree Car MP3 Player

The G32 Wireless Hands-free Car MP3 player is a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player. It was developed for use in cars and has the functionality of a high-performance MP3 decoder chip and Bluetooth module.

It can play and transmit music from a USB flash drive to a car stereo via an FM radio signal.

It can also transmit your mobile phone’s music to the car stereo via Bluetooth.

You can as well use it as a hands-free car kit during driving.

The Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter transmits a signal by wireless method, no need to modify anything in your car. The device can be used when you want to play music in your car or as a hands-free kit when you’re driving and you can’t reach your phone.

Product Features

  1. The device can detect battery’s voltage
  2. Support Bluetooth hands-free calls, built-in microphone and secure answer calls.
  3. Support mobile’s A2DP function. Allows you to play music directly from your phone while its connected.
  4. Mobile phone can be connected automatically when the device is powered on.
  5. Support an external USB flash drive and can play music files in MP3 or WMA format.
  6. Integrated car charger of output 5V/3.5 A, is available for charging handheld devices in car.

Product Parameters

  • Bluetooth Version: V5.0
  • Rated working voltage: 12V-24V
  • Limit Voltage: 9-29V
  • Sensitivity: –42db+/3 db 360
  • Working Current: 45mA (max)
  • Stand by Current: 25mA (max)
  • Frequency: 2.402-2.280 GHz
  • Bluetooth Effective Range: 8 meters
  • Sensitivity: -92 dBm
  • RF output: 4 dBm
  • FM Frequency: 87.5MHz-108.0MHz
  • Transmitted Power: 87 dBuv/107 dBuv
  • FM Effective Range: 2 meters

How to operate the device

If it’s your first time using this device, follow the steps below.

  • Unbox the device
  • Plug the integrated car charger (device) into the cigarette lighter hole and it will automatically turn on.
  • Select any blank frequency between 87.5 to 108.0MHZ
  • Turn on the car FM stereo and select the frequency same as that of the device.
  • Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to start playing music.

How to play music from TF card/USB flash drive

  • Insert the TF card into the device, it will automatically detect and start playing the MP3/WMA format music from the TF card.
  • Plug USB flash drive into the device’s USB flash drive Reader Port, it will automatically detect and play the MP3/WMA format music.

Device Parts Descriptions

1. USB charging port

The USB port is for charging purposes. You can connect your phone or any other device to charge through this port.

2. U Disk Reader

The U disk reader accepts and plays music automatically from flash disks.

3. Next Song/VOL+

This button serves two functions. One is to play the next song and the other to increase the volume of the music.

4. Menu Button

The menu button is the primary button. It is used to turn on the Bluetooth function and also allows Hands-free mode.

5. Previous Song/VOL-

This also serves two functions. One is playing the previous song and the other reducing the volume of the music.

6. Digital Voltage Display

The DVC displays the frequencies and mode of the device.

7. TF Card

This slot accepts TF Card/Memory card. In other words, the device is also a memory card reader.

8. The negative power supply

The negative power supply supports powering of the device.

9. The positive power supply

The positive power supply also supports the powering on of the device.


The Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter is compatible with most mobile phones except for a few mobile phones that are not available to use some of the functions it has to offer.


You can get the Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter at 7,000ssp in Juba, South Sudan at a Car Accessory shop opposite the Bakery along Gudele Road.

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