How to Apply For Jobs on Facebook

Social media has expanded over the years to become one of “cannot do without”. The benefits are enormous so long as you know how to use it well.

Recently, you can now apply for jobs around your area with a tap of a button. How cool is that? The hustle for job searching has been reduced for everyone.

Let us find out how you can set up your Facebook account for job applications in these simple steps.

1. Select the hamburger icon

Open your Facebook account and navigate to the hamburger icon, a menu containing a link to your profile, your pages, Fundraisers, Groups, Friends, saved, videos on watch, memories, gaming, events, jobs among others will appear.

2. Select the Jobs menu

Select the jobs icon and the jobs menu will appear. It gives you menus to customize the section. Menus include create a job, you, manage, location, and filter.

3. Customize the menus

The following menus function as described below:

  • Manage

Manage allows you to view applications and job posts you might have received or created. You can also create a job here by simply selecting the Create Job menu.

  • Create a job

This allows you to hire on Facebook by creating a job. It includes fields for poster, job details such as job title, job type, job description, business name, location, and other additional details like salary type and application questions.

  • You

You display your profile name and include your work, education, and any information saved for application.

  • Location

The location menu allows you to customize your location, the radius within which you live for example Juba, South Sudan

  • Filters

The filters allow you to set up your salary, job type, or industry and receive only jobs connected with the filter.

  • Salary

The option allows you to set up the time for your salary. Whether to receive it hourly, monthly, or yearly.

It also allows you to set up the minimum and maximum salary of the jobs you wish to view.

  • Job type

The job type allows you to choose the time of the job from any to full-time or part-time.

You also get to choose if you want to view jobs that offer internships, volunteering, or a contract.

  • Industry

The option allows you to select the industry you wish to work in from Accounting and Finance, Admin and Office, Art and design, or any depending on your needs and preferences.

  • Search icon

The search icon allows you to search for jobs and also displays popular categories from which to view available jobs.


In order to use the Facebook jobs feature, you must be having a Facebook account and must have enabled the location feature on your smartphone.

You must have also properly set up your profile to include your actual names, contacts, work, and education or even upload your resume.

Depending on your employer preferences, some jobs may require you to answer prior questions, write a cover letter, and upload a resume in most cases.

The appearance may vary with a laptop displaying the jobs on the left-hand side of the screen.

How to Apply

Having set up everything, you can always come back and find available jobs with duration when they were listed.

Select the one that captures your attention and apply. They will reach out to you whether on Facebook, call, or even email.

Some jobs may require you to apply on the website.

All the best with your job application. Share in case you find this article helpful. Thanks.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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