How to Borrow Units from JEDCO

Having had a successful week of no power outages, little did it occur to me that the power would black out just as the night was approaching. It is a Sunday and the JEDCO offices were closed. I had no clear knowledge of how to use MTN mobile money to recharge my units.

I stayed for hours pondering how I was going to kill the night like a hunter in a jungle.

Graciously, the thought of borrowing units came to my mind and I decided to do a little research on how it all works then a few minutes later, I found the gateway to my happiness.

You can borrow up to 10KWH

How it works!

Dial 5566# on your meter and you will immediately get an emergency recharge of 10 KWH.

It only works on the KE meters. Conlog meters do not offer this option. You must be on zero credit to borrow electricitu can then pay it off when you buy more tokens from the sales centers.

How to Find Your Meter Number

Dial 75# on the KE meter. On the white Conlag meter dial #04# (Conlg 1). On the mobile Conlag meter dial *100* (Conlog 2).

Is It Possible To Relocate My Meter?

Yes. You must apply for a meter relocation. You must take your contract and a copy of your national ID to the JEDCO headquarters.

I hope this was helpful!

Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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