How to Get Constant Traffic to Blogs and Websites

If you have been on the lookout for ways to get traffic to your blog/website, you will find this very article that you’re viewing very useful. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do know enough about how to generate thousands of visits to your blog or website.

There are numerous ways you can drive traffic to your blog but this short article will highlight the main techniques I have been using to drive huge traffic to my blog.

I like to think of search engines as my volunteers, working for me 24/7hrs a day, 365 days a year. Whenever I am offline, doing other things, my blog carries on like magic receiving many visitors every day. I just love free search engine traffic and that makes me addicted to SEO.

If you want to find out how to drive huge traffic to your blog, below are some tips;

1. Create High Quality and Unique Content On Your Blog

If you spend time thinking about ways to provide truly useful content that people will talk about, you will automatically end up with lots of free links to your site as people get to recommend it without even being asked to do so.

Also when you create high-quality and unique content, you prepare your blog for long-term free search engine traffic.

If you target your blog/website to solve people’s problems, they will definitely come to it to find solutions

2. Continuously Add Fresh, Relevant & Useful Content To Your Blog

The more pages you build full of on-topic material, the better the chances your site will be easily found. Search engines always optimize sites with fresh content to appear on search results. Don’t take long to update your site.

A rule of thumb; Add at least a minimum of 1 or 2 articles per week. Adding an article daily is euphoria and adding 1 article every six hours is the best.

3. Select a Memorable Domain Name

If you’re launching a new website/blog, always select a name that will be easy for people to remember. I am sure you will agree with me that the domain name of my blog ( can be easily remembered.

You may not need to push yourself to the extremes but at least ask yourself, “Will people remember my domain name?”

Try choosing a name that will not be confused with similar names. You don’t want people typing your competitors’ domain name when they’re trying to find your site. will help you generate a good domain name.

4. Optimize Your Page Titles

Try this page titles experiment. Go to Google and search for any phrase. Scrutinize the titles of the 10 top-ranking websites. [Which ones do you find eye-catching and tempting to click on the link?] Some are dreadfully stodgy and boring whereas others are merely just a long list of keywords. Some are good and others are junk. Good titles are written for search engines and humans. Now start with your most important pages. Rewrite them to make them more appealing to your audience.

5. Submit Your Blog/Website to the Main Directories

There are lots of free directories you can submit your site to.

However, each directory has submission rules you must abide by. Be sure to read the submission rules carefully at each site. This will slow you down but increase your chances of getting your site listed. Listings can last for several years, so it’s important to take your time getting the correct details.

6. Write articles for other sites

Getting high-quality links to your site is very vital. Also, you want links from “authority” sites – sites that contain a lot of links to them.

As you read what search engine optimization experts say, study what they actually DO. One common tactic they use is writing expert articles and getting them published on related websites. When they do this, the links they get to their site are specifically on target [the links come from a page which is all about SEO] which perfectly matches what the site is all about.

When it comes to search engines, such links look much more important than a boring link which is just one of dozens on a page in a little mini-directory tacked onto a mini-site

Interested in getting links from my blog, you can write articles for my blog. Just contact me for this.

7. Submit Helpful Posts In Forums

Join powerful forums in your niche and contribute to promoting your site. However, always be careful. Read the forum instructions first or you’re likely to annoy the forum moderators and forum members who have been there for years. Observe their activities and learn. Some forums allow signatures, some don’t. Words like “See the link in my signature” may not be allowed in some forums. Thread carefully.

Continue building your reputation by posting genuinely, helpful, useful comments. If you can come up with ways of providing truly useful content that gets people reacting, you will automatically generate lots of free traffic to your site as people will just recommend your blog to others.

8. Write Free E-books And Reports

Write a free eBook or report [you can use free software to create one in PDF format], and ask website or blog owners to give it away.

9. Make It Easy For People To Share Your Content

If you’re keen enough, you will notice a link/button at the bottom of an article in a blog that says something like this;

 “Did you like this article? Share it on Facebook


RETWEET on Twitter” etc.

Providing such links make it very easy for readers to spread the content of your blog.  

If you’re reading this article on my blog (, then you should be able to notice such links and buttons especially at the end of each article on the blog.

10. Add thoughtful comments to blogs/websites

Always add thoughtful comments to other bloggers’ posts. Sometimes when appropriate, when appropriate, link back to your own articles. If the blog is a popular blog and you are lucky to be among the first 5 to comment on the blog post, then you can be sure of some click-throughs to your blog.

Don’t add irrelevant or off-topic links to your comments or else, the blog owner will delete your comment and not publish it after moderation.

11. Always Mention/Link To MILASONA In Your Blog Posts

Go to and search for Milasona. You will see thousands of blogs and websites that will come up. If you also link to, your blog or website will also be listed in search results. This way, you might be lucky to get some free traffic. Try it.

I will be writing more about traffic generation tactics using social media and ways to make money from home in my future posts. I hope you subscribe and be the first to receive them.


Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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