How to Register on Google My Business

Can you go on Google Search and find your business? Each day, millions of people around the world search on Google for similar businesses like yours.

If you can make your business profile unique, you may just turn those searches into your customers with a Google My Business listing.

But, what is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool provided by Google that allows businesses and organizations to manage and optimize their business profile on Google. Google My Business bridges the gap between Google and businesses by acting as a digital business directory.

With Google My Business Profile, your business can avail online users with the most important information about your business, such as contact details, booking options, range of services, and business location.

By creating a Google My Business Profile, you get to have a Business Profile on Google and control over how your business information shows up on Google Search and Google Maps

In return, Google users can rate your business and leave feedback in form of reviews.

Why Create Google My Business Account For Your Business?

Whether you’re a start-up business or a local mainstay, you can’t afford to miss out on being listed on Google My Business.

Here are some benefits of having your business listed on Google My Business

  • Increased Online Visibility through better search engine rankings in local search results and Google Maps integration.
  • Free marketing for your business that influences your business presence on Google.
  • Improved customer care since you get real-time notifications when a customer connects with your business on Google.
  • Simplified uploading of photos, creating of enticing offers and appointment setting
  • Valuable insights on search engine optimisation and how customers interact with your business profile
  • Management of multiple locations from one dashboard
  • Ability to invite other people to manage your listings
  • Ability to respond to reviews, message with your customers and see an overview of your followers.

Here is what you risk by not having your business listed on Google My Business

  • You risk losing Customers since you don’t have control over the information displayed in your Business Profile. A lot of customers often avoid using local businesses with incorrect information online.
  • You risk losing out to competitors since you don’t have a digital foot print that appeals to your customers.
  • You risk losing SERP real estate since you can’t optimize your Google Business Profile to rank above competitors for relevant keyword searches. Google usually ranks business profiles according to their quality
  • You risk a poor reputation since you cannot respond to your Google reviews which is a Google ranking factor and number on influence on consumer buying.

Steps to Follow When Registering On Google My Business?

If you would like to register your business on Google My Business (on Computer, Android, iPhone & iPad), follow the following steps:

=> On your device, create a Google account first if at all you don’t have one.

=> Then go to Google My Business and register your business by signing in with your Google account credentials

=> Enter the name of your business into the search area to find out whether it’s already existing in the database. If your business already exists in the database, you will be asked to confirm your identity in the next step in order to permit you to manage the selected profile. Verification is done by a phone call; they will send you a confirmation code. If you don’t find your business when you search it up, then that means it was not previously listed

=> Click on “Create profile” to create your business profile, enter your business name then select a category that best matches your business description.

=> After, add your business location. If Google is not sure where your business is located, a Google map will be displayed. You can drag the red pin to position it correctly and customize your position on Google Maps. Click “Yes” and “Next” to add the location of your business.

=> Select one or more areas that your business serves and then click “Next”. This step is optional and only applies to businesses that offer products or services beyond their primary business location.

=> Now, enter your contact information and your business website URL and click “Next”

=> Confirm your identity with a code. In most cases, you will receive the code via postcard within five business days.

=> Lastly, add photos and other relevant information to your Google My Business Profile and you’re all set.

How to Optimize your Google Business Listing

Having a Google My Business Profile is no longer enough to maximize this powerful marketing tool. You have to ensure that your business ranks as high as possible and leaves an awesome impression on Google Maps.

Highlighted below are some tips you can use to optimize your Google Business Listing.

Setup Google Business Profile: Ensure that you set up your Google business profile and finalize with registration so that potential clients can have access to first-hand information. You may add other attributes like online appointment scheduling besides contact details, business opening hours, and the range of services offered by the business.

Stay Consistent: Google makes comparisons on your details with other online business sites and ranks your business to be trustworthy if all information matches. It’s ideal that you keep your business information and spellings of products and services consistent online.

Upload Only Professional Images: Only post high-quality photos that appeal to your potential clients. It’s worth hiring a professional photographer to showcase your products perfectly and add a competitive edge to your business.

Communicate special promotions and offers in the description section to set yourself apart from other sellers.

Provide customer care: Make use of the messaging option in the Google My Business management tool to communicate directly with potential clients and respond to customer reviews.

Optimize your business website: Applying local SEO on your business website also improves the visibility of your Google Business Profile. Pros-check all titles, headings, and content for relevant keywords and local focus. You can also maximize linking opportunities to other business directories.


=> Keep in mind that your business must be in direct contact with consumers to be listed on Google. If you have an online business like a blog, portfolio website, and so on, you should not register it with Google My Business but rather register your website with Google and use Google SEO tools to improve your search engine rankings.


Registering on Google My Business is free and quick to complete. If you have not yet registered your business with Google My Business, this article should get you started.

I hope it helps your business become more visible online.


Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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