The Psychology of Football Betting

Football betting is an activity that involves speculation – it can change your life for the better if you’re winning or for the worst if you keep losing.

There are clear examples in the world of how people lose their temper and get into various debts, sell jewelry and sometimes property or even steal just to make a deal with a bookmaker. However, there are also examples of millionaire winners.

A Simple Mechanism

In the end, a basic mechanism is created – if a player can resist their excitement and have discipline. Psychology in betting allows the person betting to always stick to their chosen strategy as well as know when to stop.

It is vital not to be lured by scammers who offer their services on the internet – most often, their forecasts lose, and the loser goes even more negative.

Player goals are divided into three broad categories:

  • For pleasure

There are several people who make deals with a bookmaker not for the sake of winning but rather to get an additional emotional boost from watching a match. Such players treat betting activities as a hobby for them, just like going out to watch a movie at the cinema or on fishing trips.

Often such people who bet do not place big bets and even if they lose, they do not experience much disappointment. Defeat is just like the catch on a fishing trip – unpleasant and not too sad.

  • For the sake of earning.

In this particular case, the player can only have two options: they will become either a winner or a loser. In addition, a loss can be understood as anything: a bank, an apartment, a car, and so on.

If the person betting is disciplined and controls himself while analyzing his every move, then he will be able to afford more than a simple average bettor.

It is possible to make money on bets on a car or on a decent renovated apartment and significantly improve your life by winning.

However, the coefficient of 1000wins is close to null regardless of how the bookmakers inspire beginners. It is necessary to make forecasts for a certain strategy and not make fatal all-in bets.

  • Professional.

Anyone considered professional in the world of betting has an interesting life because they literally earn without having to work much.  However in order to become a pro in this area, you need to get your psychology and strategies right. You need constant discipline and strong emotional control.

It is vital that you analyze your actions and take long breaks, which can be quite difficult for a gambler to do.

If you do not want to lose money as a beginner, you need to properly allocate your money and rush just to fill in large sums for making deals. Even the most experienced players, who have a pass rate of over 60% at odds of 2, make trades for between 1% and 3% of their bankroll.

A winning streak is a wonderful position to be in. However, a series of failures can overtake any person at any moment, and you need to be prepared for this.

Discipline and psychological practical understanding are key.


I have given you a lot of material that needs to be processed and then draw your own conclusions. To make it easier for you, I have structured the main points and made a summarized explanation:

  • Define your risk appetite. Before you start betting, you need to determine your risk appetite. There are players who live by the thirst for money, they like to bet a lot at once, and at high odds. They often lose. However, there are people who feel confident and bet judiciously and a maximum of 10% of the pot.
  • What betting perspective attracts you? You need to determine what you need. In the end, the bettor wants to get a guaranteed profit by correctly allocating his pot, and in the short term, he needs to win within a short playing distance.
  • Self-discipline. Try to develop discipline in yourself and always stick to the strategy.  Recall, you can either win or lose regardless of your strategy.
  • Preparation. Analyze the event in and out to increase your chances. Think about how much time you can allocate to betting.
  • Allowed amount. Always determine how much money you are willing to sacrifice on betting. Never borrow or use your last money. Use only free funds that you can risk.
  • Psychological attitude. It is a major attribute to success in any endeavor. Attract good luck by thinking positively and do not be discouraged if you lose.

No matter what anyone says, the result of the betting activity of any player depends on the psychological attitude. Not only their winnings but also more important things, such as family, friends, and life, may depend on what goals you set and with what head you bet.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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