Why Order a Vehicle through Mando Enterprises Ltd(Be Forward Authorised Agent)?

I recently made an order of a Noah Townance Vehicle from Beforward Offices. The experience was thrilling. As much as this was my first time using them, I had no regrets because I received exactly what I ordered.

I was guided all the way from the ordering phase to the time I received the car in juba.

So what is Mando Enterprises Ltd?

Mando Enterprises Ltd is a local company in Juba, South Sudan, and Be Forward’s authorized local sales agent.

It imports some of the world’s leading brands like Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Renault, Volkswagen, Nissan among others.

Here are some reasons why you should order your vehicle through them.

They have access to the Be forward’s sales system and can look at the cars beyond what is displayed on the website. (For example, they were able to tell me that my car’s power window was not working which was not something you see on the Be Foward website)

They advise customers on the conditions of each car before they can buy so as to avoid complaints when the car arrives. Such information may not be shared by the Japan sales team to customers. This is because the Japan sales team just wants to make sales and mind little about disclosing vehicle conditions that will discourage the customer from paying.

Mando Enterprises Ltd ensures quick and fast shipment of each vehicle sold through them by ensuring the Be Forward shipping clerks put priority on their sales. They also do share current shipping timetables for all shipping companies with customers so as to guide them on the duration it will take to receive their cars.

For C&F or CIF Nimule delivery, Mando Enterprises Ltd is responsible for all damages that may occur to the car during transit.

Mando Enterprises Ltd also does offer sales services such as importation of vehicle parts at a good price to customers.

Once a car is sold, Mando Enterprises Ltd does constant updates to customers through phone calls, emails among others.

Mando Enterprises Ltd is also the only authorized Be Forward distributor of spare keys for all cars coming to South Sudan which means Be Forward sends them spare keys or SD cards for anyone who buys vehicles from Be Forward that have such mentioned items. This should be emphasized based on the trust Be Forward has in them compared to other agents around.

Mando Enterprises Ltd also gives discounts to the prices displayed on the web, and there are no hidden extra costs apart from the $50 for bank charges if the customer chooses to pay through their office.

The entire vehicle importation process is done by the company. The customer just sits and waits for updates and then receives his/her car either at Mombasa, Nimule, or at home in Juba, depending on the delivery point paid for.

How to Buy a Vehicle through Mando Enterprises Ltd

  • Go to Be Forward website
  • Browse the Vehicle of your tastes and preferences
  • Go to their office and place your order

And that’s all that’s required, relax and wait for your vehicle to arrive at the specified destination.

How to make payments

You can make payments through the bank directly using the details on the invoices you’re provided or make cash deposits/transfers to Mando Enterprises Ltd’s local bank accounts in order for them to complete the payment for your vehicle.


Visit their office and make your payments.

Location of Mando Enterprises Ltd

BF Mando Enterprises Ltd is located at Hai-Kuwait, Along Bilpam Road. You can reach them on +211925990288.


  • You will need your Nationality Card in order to place an order
  • Payments can be done in installments.
  • The Vehicles usually take 1-2 months to arrive at your destination from the time of placing your order.


Make your car purchase experience count. This method of buying vehicles is more secure because the vehicles are tracked all the way to your destination rather than dealing with individuals. In case of loss due to the negligence of the agents, you can be compensated.

What do you think about ordering your car through Mando Enterprises Ltd? Share in the comment section below.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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