How to Get Affiliate Links & Banners Ads on the Jumia Affiliates Dashboard

Jumia affiliate program is a pay-per-sale program that lets you make money online by helping Jumia sell its products easily. If you become a Jumia affiliate and you refer a customer to Jumia online store and happen to make a purchase, Jumia will pay you a certain percentage of the purchase price as commission which can be paid out via bank transfer.

 Jumia Affiliate Marketing is fun as Jumia provides you with all the resources and tools needed to promote products listed on the Jumia marketplace as an affiliate.

Once you apply to become a Jumia affiliate and your application is approved, you will be able to access the Jumia Affiliate dashboard where you can generate Jumia Affiliate links and banners which you can use to promote the Jumia products on your website, social media, and blog or through emails.

As an affiliate, you have free access to the Jumia Affiliate links and banners in the Jumia Affiliate dashboard anytime you want. You can further make use of the Custom links generator to generate a unique affiliate link for any product listed on the Jumia Online Store

How to Get Jumia Ad Banners & Affiliate Link for Any Jumia Product

=> Sign in to your Jumia affiliate dashboard

=> Go to the “Advertising” menu

=> Click on “Offers” then click on the “Jumia eCommerce” link

=> Select your Country (For example, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, etc.)

=> Select the category of products you want to promote (for example, mobile category, everything on Jumia, computing category, etc.)

=> Select the type of advertising i.e App advertising or Web Advertising

=> Then configure your banner ad settings

You can then download the image URL or copy the Ad URL and Banner Code and promote it via social media or your website.


=> After going to the “Advertising” menu

=> Click on “Custom” then click on the “Jumia eCommerce” link

=> Select your Country (For example, Kenya, Ghana, etc.)

=> Insert your web URL and add your own additional tracking parameters to the URL

How to Become a Jumia Affiliate

If you want to become a jumia affiliate,

  • Go to the Jumia Affiliate Program Webpage
  • Click on “Sign Up Now!”
  • Enter your details (Name, Email, Password, Phone Number, Country, and Website) on the Jumia Affiliates registration form
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click “Register”
  • Wait for approval via the email you submitted during registration

How to check Jumia commission rates

If you want to check the Jumia Commission rates, follow the steps below

=> Click the “Support” menu and then go to “Commission Model” and a PDF file will automatically be downloaded to your device

NB: This tutorial is based on the 2021 Jumia affiliate program platform

If you want to advertise Jumia Products on social media, its recommended to shorten your final URL if at all the link will look suspicious to your audience. Easy way to do it is via or

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