Chakpuru & Sons Co. Ltd: Get Your Dream Car in Just a Few Clicks in South Sudan

If you’re having trouble buying a new car in South Sudan, this article is for you. South Sudan is a difficult country. Everything is inflated from the source. You will find car dealers selling cars that are highly-priced everywhere.

If you’re like me who loves to check out trending cars for business, comfort, or have a love for cars that match your tastes and preferences, maybe you’re not far from the truth. Getting a website that will satisfy your ego is hard in South Sudan

However I came across Chakpuru & Sons that has proven effective at importing vehicles from Japan and all over the world to South Sudan, Juba while you continue carrying on your other errands.

Chapkuru & Sons is a reputable automobile company founded in 2013. They deal in importing new and used vehicles from Japan to the Republic of South Sudan.

They have managed to build trust among their customers for the past years by upholding their virtue of transparency, quality, and integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Their vision is to be the leading car importer and Agency Company in importing high-quality vehicles in the region through providing customers with the best user experience, providing global standard services, and ensuring affordable high-quality cars are accessible to everyone.

Why Choose Chakpuru & Sons

They do timely shipment of your vehicles

They offer reliable services

They also offer free consultancy i.e. free assistance with information on everything you need to purchase and import your vehicle. Such assistance includes;

  • How to browse and choose your desired vehicle
  • Print invoices for payment
  • Scanning and sending TT copies to Japan
  • After purchase support

Chakpuru & Sons imports some of the world’s leading brands as listed below

  • MINI
  • AUDI
  • BMW
  • etc.

How to Buy a Vehicle through Chakpuru & Sons Co Ltd

  • Go to Chakpuru & Sons website
  • Browse the car of your tastes and preferences and contact them
  • You can go and place your order directly from their office located at Hai-Kuwait, Bilpam road behind KCB Bank


  • You can visit ( since they are agents )
  • Browse the car you’re interested in
  • Make payments

And that’s all, relax for the time specified for your car to arrive in Juba, South Sudan.

Normally, the Vehicles take 1- 2 months to arrive from the time of purchase.

How to Make Payments for Your Vehicle

Customers can make payments through their banks directly to Japan using the account details on the invoices they provide or make cash deposits/ transfers to Chakpuru & Sons’ local bank accounts in order for them to transfer to Japan on their behalf.

NB: Do not make any payments via websites to avoid cases of fraud.

How to Earn Through the Chakpuru & Sons Referral Program

If you want to earn a few bucks for free from Chakpuru & Sons, it’s this easy!

  • Invite your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone you know that wants to buy a car, to buy through Chakpuru & Sons and use your name as a reference.
  • You will get a commission of about $100 to $200 for each person that buys through Chakpuru and Sons

If you’re serious, Use the name Mila Joshua or this website as a reference and you will get a discount on every purchase you make through Chakpuru & Sons.

Location & Contact Information of Chakpuru & Sons Co Ltd

Chakpuru & Sons Co. Ltd customer service center is located at Kuwait Estate Hse 69 A, Shop #1, Behind KCB Bank, Off Bilpam Road Munuki (Juba, South Sudan).

You can as well reach them via email (, WhatsApp (+211922108318), or call them directly on the following phone numbers,

  • +211924199024
  • +211914199024
  • +211922108318


  • You will require your Nationality Card in order to place an order
  • Payments can be done in installments as agreed by the officer in charge.
  • Delivery to Nimule is by a driver. Click here to learn more

This method of buying vehicles is more secured because vehicles are tracked all the way compared to dealing with individuals. In case of loss due to negligence of the agents, you can be compensated.


Are you interested in knowing more about buying cars within south Sudan? Don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope this article will help you make informed decisions while thinking about your dream car. Stay blessed! I will see you in the comments.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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