Delta Chat App: Use Your Regular Email for Instant Messaging

You must be used to INSERTING the or URL in your address bar each time you want to access your email account. Well, let me introduce you to this hot App that will just make your life much easier.

Delta Chat performs the same function of instant messaging via email. The fact that it’s an App on your phone makes it even more interesting.

Delta Chat looks and feels like any other popular messenger apps (for example, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger, etc.). It’s an email application but with a modern interface. The only difference is that it does not involve centralized tracking and control.

However, Delta Chat App uses the existing email server network, one of the largest, decentralized, and most diverse communication systems ever developed.

All you need is your regular email account (,, or any other provider) and you can start chatting with any of your email contacts regardless of whether they have Delta Chat App installed on their devices or not.

How Delta Chat App Works

Delta Chat sends emails using your regular email account and provider of choice (for example,,,, etc.). You are free to change mobile numbers without any problem or even work without a SIM card or phone number at all provided you’re connected to the internet.

Not requiring phone numbers safeguards you from cell-tower and other kinds of tracking.

Your chats and contacts data remain on your devices. There is no uploads of calendars, address book or any other personal information. This is because there are simply no delta chat servers where anything could be uploaded to.

If you want to chat with anyone out of the billions of people in the world, just use their email address. The recipients will see a simple email and may directly reply with their own email app or via the website. They don’t have to install Delta Chat App, signup anywhere, or even visit websites. For example, if you ever send any media and attachment to a chat group, your recipients will see the exact regular email with the attachment format.

If they also send a message and an attachment back, you will see the picture in your chat for that contact.

When people start communicating with each other on Delta Chat, the App establishes end-to-end encryption automatically. If you just send a “HEY” message to someone in your contact list, you will receive an encrypted reply if the other side accepts you as a contact. End-to-end encryption only works between Delta Chat Apps, but also with other email apps if they support the Autocrypt Level 1 encryption standard.

Messages sent from one device will quickly show up on the other devices through the instant chatting feature and synchronization across all devices.


  • Delta Chat offers an experimental “verified group” chat feature guaranteeing end-to-end encryption to secure against any active network or provider attacks.

Here is what’s new with the App

  • You can swipe-to-reply
  • It has a disappearing messages feature
  • You can easily navigate to the first unseen message
  • You can add known contacts from the IMAP-server to the local address book on configure
  • You can direct forwarding to “Saved messages”
  • When you long-tap in the contact list, it allows opening “profile” directly
  • You can enable encryption in groups if preferred by the majority of recipients
  • You can try multiple servers under autoconfig
  • You can bypass some limits for the maximum number of recipients
  • You can add Slovak translation

How to install & Use Delta Chat

  • Navigate to Google play store or Apple play store and search for Delta chat App
  • Install and open it
  • Login to your server using your existing email address & Password (for example, Gmail account or yahoo mail account details)
  • You will successfully be logged in and a modern delta chat interface will pop up

Features on the Delta Chat Interface

1. Sun cross at the bottom right

The sun cross is used to access the email contacts, create new groups and insert email addresses for instant messaging via email.

2. Search icon

The search icon allows you to perform search results on your email contacts.

3. Vertical ellipsis on the uppermost right

This feature lets you access submenus i.e.

  • New Chat

This feature is used to start a new chat

  • Contact requests

All new contact requests appear here

  • Settings

This is used to configure your profile info, chats and media, Notifications, Appearance, App access permissions, advanced settings and get help from the Delta Chat team

  • Help

This primarily used for delta technical support

  • Switch account

If you have more than one email address, you can add your other accounts here and switch between them

4. Bar code icon

This menu lets you invite or scan a contact using QR Code

  • Select the email you wish to contact and start chatting
  • And that all…


Delta Chat is a relatively fresh project but already has a lot to offer. I hope this App will save you the time and resources when you need to send urgent emails at the click of an App. Happy to help!

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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