How to ask someone out on Facebook: 8 tips

Much as people use Facebook today for updating status and communication, you can virtually do so many other things that didn’t exist in recent years.

You can get a date or start dating on Facebook nowadays. I compiled 8 tips on how to ask someone out on a date on Facebook. Follow through and argue with your keyboard.

1. Be-friend them

First things first, you got to be friends with someone, before you can ask them out. If your connection with them is from the past, you can always start “hey, didn’t we attend the same school….blah blah..?” in case you don’t know them, take time and go through their mutual friends on Facebook. Be sure to find one or two friends you probably know. Then use the friend as bait.

2. Go through their Profile

Scope out their profile information and identify key information to help you create a decent conversation. Such information can be common interest and hobbies or even professional fields. Such information can allow both of you to begin small talks which can later create a connection.

Having prior information about them will increase your chance of making a minimal error and avoid being taken advantage of too.

3. Inbox

After becoming friends on Facebook, you can just instantly send a message to the person requesting that you get to know each other better. If you’re the shy type, you can just take the clumsy way and send them a random message, and when they reply, you be like you meant to send to someone and then get the conversation going from there.

4. Message

If you spent a while without communicating, you can just send the person a message to let them know that you were just checking on them and wondering if he/she could get some time and you hang out.

In case you know their email address, you can as well do the same. Compose the message in a friendly manner.

5. Post on their wall 

If you’re bold enough, you can post something on their wall. Although, be careful what you post on the wall because it will display on their feeds and you can end up embarrassing yourself if you don’t have it well thought out. Avoid cheesy or desperate sounding comments. This can be a great way of flirting though you show that you don’t care who sees it.

6. Get the Phone Number

Once you find the time and have a decent conversation, see if they would like to give you their phone number or offer yours.

Let them know that you prefer talking to them in person or on the phone rather than typing (whatever works for you). Once you establish a phone conversation, it can be easier for you to ask them out.

7. Start an Event

You can use the create event feature and start an event. You can call it “will you go out for dinner with me” then set the date and time and invite him/her. You will know what to do depending on her feedback.

8. Comment on their photo

Do this only if you’re courageous enough. Know that, anyone else who commented on that particular photo will be notified of your comment, so you may want to choose an option of commenting on a photo that has been posted a while back with no comments.


Remember to follow the general safety tips while interacting with people online.

Facebook can be a useful tool in getting a date, make sure you know the person you are asking out and have some fun.


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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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