How to Broadcast a Message on WhatsApp

Have you ever wanted to send the same message to multiple people on whatsApp at the same instant?

The ability to send the same message to multiple recipients can save a lot of time and effort while meeting your errands.

Sending the same message contact by contact is a bit hectic. Some tend to copy the same message and keep pasting from one contact to the other.

If you’re using an email, you may as well use the cc or bcc feature to send the same email to multiple recipients

WhatsApp has made this possible through its broadcasting feature. You can broadcast regular messages to the same recipients over and over.

All you need to do is create a list of recipients.

How to get started

=> Download and install the latest WhatsApp app or simply open your WhatsApp app if it’s already installed

=> Click on the three-dots on the upper-most left

=>A drop-down list will display

=> Click on “New broadcast”

=> Select the recipients from the contact list

=> Click on the three-dots on the upper-most left to view and edit:

  • Broadcast list info

This allows you to edit the broadcast list name and you can give the list any name (for example “milasona blog”)

You can also add more recipients to the list.

  • Broadcast list media

This feature allows you to see an overview of all the media, documents, and links shared with the recipients.

  • Search

This feature will allow you to find a specific word by highlighting it within the broadcast message.

  • Wallpaper

You can change the background of the broadcast by choosing images from your gallery, solid color, and WhatsApp wallpaper library or use the default wallpaper.

  • Label broadcast list

The feature lets you label the broadcast list using the labels: New customer, New Order, Pending Payment, Paid, Order Complete or simply create a new label.

  • Clear chat

This feature lets you clear the entire broadcasted messages

  • Export chat

The feature allows you to share the broadcast list to platforms like Gmail, palm store, Bluetooth, mobile device, or even PC.

  • Add shortcut

To send a broadcast message, simply drop the message in the inbox and the same message will be sent to all the recipients in the broadcast list.


WhatsApp broadcast messages only work on contacts that are available on WhatsApp.

In case you want to remove a contact from the broadcast list, you can go to the contact, select it and a pop up will display:

  • Remove the contact from broadcast list
  • Message the contact
  • Verify security code
  • View the contact

Select “Remove the contact from broadcast list”


I hope you will be able to save time and pass important communication as fast as possible through WhatsApp broadcast messages. Note that this feature is only available on WhatsApp App. Share with your circle.

I hope this helps!

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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