Shazam Music App Lets You Discover Lyrics & Songs Fast

Coming across a new song that you immediately fall in love with is something very common. We can’t be “jack of all trades” knowing which artists record what songs all the time.

In the previous years, all you had to do is inquire about the song title, the artist that sung it, and blah blah…. What a time-wasting generation!

But today so much has changed, you can have the music on your phone in a matter of minutes through the use of apps like Shazam.

What is Shazam?

Shazam is an App that can help you find any song in a matter of seconds. You can further find artists, lyrics, and videos for free.

Shazam uses a spectrogram (time-frequency graph) to identify songs and heavily relies on the audio fingerprint to identify songs. It uses the smartphone or computer’s built-in microphone to gather a brief sample of the audio being played.

Once the user tags a song for 10 seconds to the shazam App, it creates an audio fingerprint.

Shazam lets you do the following;

  • identify the name of any song playing in no time
  • Listen to songs and add them to Spotify playlists and Apple Music
  • Follow along with time-synced lyrics
  • Watch music videos directly from YouTube or Apple music
  • Enable the dark theme mode on the Shazam App interface
  • Find out what’s trending in your city or country with Shazam Charts
  • Share Songs with friends through Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

How Shazam Works? Features & Functions


The library contains the following menus

  • Shazam

This section contains songs that you shazamed (need their lyrics)

  • Artists

This contains the names of the artists whose songs you shazamed

  • Playlists For You

This section contains the list of songs you shazamed

Recent Shazams

These are recent shazamed songs you listened to.

Tap to Shazam (Shazam Icon)

This lets you shazam any song that is playing.

Search Icon

This lets you search for any song you have in mind and get the lyrics, video, artist name, and any other related song.


The Charts section contains the country and city charts from around the world. You can visit this section to search for trending songs around the globe.

How to Shazam a Song?

= > Install Shazam App from Google Play on your phone

= > Play any song and tap the Shazam icon to shazam the song

= > You may choose to Long Press the Shazam Icon and turn auto shazam on or simply turn it off.

= > Go to Library and select shazams and play the song you shazamed.


  • You can use pop-up shazam to identify music in any app-Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.
  • In case of no internet connection, no problem! Shazam can still work offline.
  • Auto Shazam can keep finding songs even when you leave the App.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shazam a song playing on your device?

Shazam can identify any songs playing on your phone even if you’re just using earphones.

Why can’t Shazam identify live music?

The most common reason Shazam fails to identify a song is due to insufficient data. There are often errors when people look up live performances. If you hold up your phone to your TV during a live musical segment, shazam is most likely to fail to ID the song.

Is Shazam a movie?

The shazam we are referring to is an Application. Shazam the movie only shares the title but they are completely different.

Shazam is available for Android, iOS, Wear, and macOS. Go Download Now on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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