Why is blogging so popular?

Why is blogging so popular?

If you have been hearing me talk about blogging in my articles and you’re still wondering why it keeps up popping everywhere – this article is for you.

For most people in remote places, the concept of blogging is still pretty new to them

In my recent article, I went through the definition of blogging, and if you missed being sure to check it out.

Without further ado, I want to take you through the benefits of blogging and some of the downsides associated with the venture.

Stay put as we go through them.

Benefits of Blogging

1. Blogging increases brand awareness

Have you ever come across businesses that blog? Businesses today engage in blogging to increase their leads and eventually convert them into sales.

And blogging has proven very effective because it increases their brand awareness

In turn, many companies have opted to blog in a bid to market their brands.

2. Blogging drives and increases traffic to your website/blog

If your blog content is well optimized for search engines, it’s very easy for people to come across your content when they type a particular search term on Google, Yahoo, or any search engine for which you blogged about.

Optimizing your content involves putting the relevant keywords that people are constantly searching for in your content. It also involves including multimedia like videos, photos, creating cornerstone pages, using ALT tags wisely among others.

This can subsequently increase your website traffic and allow more engagement.

3. It’s free to create a blog

It’s free to create a blog on platforms like wordpress.com, blogger, etc. However, the best platform to start your WordPress blog is wordpress.org rather than wordpress.com.

This is because wordpress.org allows flexibility where your blog is self-hosted and you have more control compared to wordpress.com

This means you can create a blog at zero cost.

4. Blogging also improves your organic search ranking

When you properly optimize your blog content, your organic search ranking automatically skyrockets. This is because people will always find your blog content at the top of search results every time they surf the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and trust me they won’t miss checking out your blog/website.

Organic search results are not influenced by paid advertising but rather ranked according to the relevance of the search term. A good organic search rate should be above the 16% average rate.

5. Blogging is an easy way to keep your clients with the latest updates about your services and products.

Clients need to be informed all the time. For example, you may update them about the new deals and tips. The more people visit your blog, the like hood that they will buy your stuff.

Clients don’t purchase products/services that they have no information about.

6. Blogging helps in enhancing authority in your niche

Bloggers specialize most of their blogs according to what is called a niche. Examples of niches include Fashion, Tech, and Food, etc. This makes them concentrate on producing quality content related to their niche and provide authority when it comes to their niche.

For example, you will find a food niche blog blogging about some of the hottest spices in the continent and you just can stop reading every time the article passes your eyes.

7. A blog enables you to build reputation and credibility for your business.

When you constantly produce quality content for your blog, you not only enhance authority for your niche but rather build the reputation and credibility for your business.

Optimized blogs usually generate free organic traffic generated from search result ranking for keywords and phrases.

This increases the volume of traffic to your website as well as your business.

8. Blogs increase your customer engagement through conversations

Customers love to be heard. Whether they are giving feedback, giving a recommendation, or simply answering their inquiries, there is no easy way other than a blog.

You need to integrate chatbots (Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp) to allow instant messaging with your customers and also enable a comment system at the end of every post to allow them to exchange their views.

This way there will be a flow of constructive conversation between your blog readers and you.

9. Blogs can also be used for sales and inquiries

Blogs are flexible. You can easily sell items like digital products or simply establish an online store and engage your clients through a sales funnel.

Enable Chatbots (Facebook messenger & Whatsapp) and the comment system on your blog to encourage inquiries and instant replies,

Downsides or Disadvantages of Blogging

Just like any venture, blogging also has pros and cons. Let’s quickly look at some of the cons related to blogging.

1. Blogging doesn’t pay off immediately

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires a lot of dedication, patience, and perseverance. It can take years for you to start earning from it. You need to have faith and concentrate on creating high-quality content.

2. Your blog won’t automatically become successful.

You need a strategy that will drive traffic to your blog that is to say a target audience and how you plan to update your blog with newer content.

Many people often post once weekly, monthly depending on their schedule. Whichever schedule you choose, it should definitely drive traffic for your blog or engage your readers.

3. Blogging requires a lot of time to manage and maintain.

For a blog to be effective, you need to update it regularly so your visitors can regularly return to read fresh content.

However if your blog doesn’t get updated regularly or after a time interval, your visitors won’t return and that means you won’t make any money from your blog.

You also need to look out for outdated plugins and constantly update them.

4. You need to have passion for your blog

Of what benefit is having a blog you don’t love. Is it the design that’s bothering you or creating content so difficult? If you can’t create your own content, outsource from a professional and a reputable copywriter.

Without passion for your blog, it will just remain stagnant


If you’re a newbie blogger, some of these tips will be helpful for you. Regardless, these are some of the pros & cons associated with blogging. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive online money making tips

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