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If you’re looking for a free music site to stream free South Sudan music, you should give a try. On, you will find a host of audios from South Sudanese artists posted in a timely manner.

To listen to free South Sudanese music, just grab the title of the song and the name of the singer then go to and search for it.

If you’re an artist or prefer to have an account on the website, you have to register for a free account with them. Once you have registered, you can log in with your credentials (username and password) on the site at any time.

On the dashboard, you will find the option to upload new music if you’re an artist, play new music from various albums, playlists and check trending artists on the hall of fame. is free to access which means you can listen to music on the site without paying a dime.

I always head over to to listen to cool South Sudan tracks while blogging. I just keep the site open on a separate page playing the music I want.

Go to to listen to top South Sudan music charts now.


Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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