Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

In my previous article, we defined Affiliate Marketing and how it works including affiliate marketing processes. Today we want to look at the different types of Affiliate Marketing Programs that you can earn money from.

If you wish to review the previous article, you can find it here: What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it Work?

Affiliate marketing programs have taken up many unique forms over the recent years and they are continuously evolving! You need to be attentive to the details before ever thinking about joining any affiliate programs.

Depending on the kind of Affiliate Marketing Program you are looking for, you can definitely find the right one. Learn more about the payment frequency, refund policy, payment details, cookies, and also the types of marketing allowed.

Here are the types of Affiliate Programs, Let’s go through them

1. Pay-Per-performance(PPP)

This is a type of affiliate program where the merchants pay the affiliates ONLY when the referred visitors perform a specific action as designed by the merchants.

Such action includes purchasing a product/service.

It is the most preferred type of affiliate program by most merchants.

PPP affiliate programs can further be classified into two:

  • Pay-Per-Lead(PPL)

With this kind of affiliate program, the affiliates get paid for each converted lead. The referred visitors provide their contact details on the merchant’s site by simply filling out a simple form related to the merchant’s business or signup to become a lead.

The information provided by the visitor can be used by the merchant as sales lead or can be sold to another company as a sales lead.

Marketing Agencies or Companies that rely on sales leads often use this kind of affiliate program.

  • Pay-Per-Sale (PPS)

In this Affiliate program, the affiliates are only paid when visitors referred to the merchant’s site purchase a product/service. The affiliates get paid a fixed percentage of the sales price when the purchase is complete. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program is a typical example of a PPS affiliate program.

2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

With this arrangement, affiliates earn money whenever they refer a visitor to the merchant site.

 The visitor doesn’t have to perform any specific actions or buy anything from the merchant site in order for the affiliate to get paid.

The merchant is completely less concerned about what the visitor does on their site. And this makes this affiliate program one of the easiest and most preferred by the affiliates.

The only limitation is that the commissions of PPC are often low.

Other kinds of affiliate programs include the following;

  • Sitewide Commissions

These affiliate programs pay affiliates based on purchases made by their referrals throughout the entire site.

  • Recurring Commissions

In this arrangement, the affiliates get paid as long as their referral is signed up. It is common with subscription-based affiliate programs.

  • One-time Commissions

The name brands it all. The affiliates a paid a one-time commission each time the referrals complete the required action.


Apart from the types of Affiliate Marketing mentioned above, other types do exist. The choice of which one to select depends on you. Select one that will work for you. You can also venture on multiple types at the same time to understand the one that works for you better.

Affiliate Marketing may look easy on the surface but it requires numerous efforts to kick start the income from it.

Once you’re successful, affiliate marketing can turn from being just an additional source of income to a primary source. Start your Affiliate Marketing Journey Today.

In the subsequent articles, I will be sharing the different affiliate marketing programs I use to earn money online and how you can join them and start making money too.

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