6 Kinds of Friends you should Avoid

Friends are strangers who happen to become familiar with us. They become so close to us that we can almost do nothing without them

They can be childhood friends, college mates, business friends and partners, social friends, or people we come across that exhibit attributes of being likable

No matter the occasion, no one is really perfect

There will always be people who will appear to have your best interests at heart yet they are actually sheeps covered in goats’ clothes. They may appear to be really nice people when in reality they are not

You may ask, how do I identify a true friend?

A true friend is someone who secretly cares about you even if they don’t tend to show it. They generally care about you and ensure that you’re not in danger. They have a heart of gold for you.

So here are five kinds of friends you should definitely avoid once you discover this trait among them.

1. Friends of benefit

Just like the phrase goes, these friends only exist in your life for the benefit. Once they have used you and see nothing they are benefiting from you, you expire to be friends.

It’s difficult to determine this friend of benefit because at first they will act generally nice people and pretend to be the saint.

They will play with your emotions to trust and lean on them and disappear in a flash once their goal is achieved.

2. Those that want to receive but hate giving

The Bible quotes, there are more blessings in giving than receiving. However, there are categories of friends who want to only receive but can’t give or share with you the little they have.

They will drain you until the bitter side of you comes out and play a victim.

If you’re rich, they will ensure that you share with them your wealth until you become as poor as a church mouse

They have no remorse or pity for you as friend

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3. Those who backbite you

Have you ever been in the company of people who act nice to your face and talk trash behind your back? These friends are generally naïve people.

It might be an attribute that makes you better than them that makes them envious.

Their plans about you are always wicked so you need to watch your back once you discover that some of your so-called friends fall in this category.

4. Those who leave you during your lowest moments

Friends are meant to watch our backs no matter what. But there exists those who take advantage of our lowest moments. Moments when we feel vulnerable and can hardly do much

This friends will manipulate you to do things that will be selfish and beneficial to them

They are always on the lookout to identify your weaknesses.

5. Those who never advise or criticize you

There are friends who are there to enjoy the lifestyle with you and can hardly advise you when you’re going astray.

They careless what you become in life as long as you keep their present going

They will mastermind all the crimes and bad decisions you will make and pop out before you realize it.

6. Those who constantly see you as their competitor

In life, we progress differently. There are friends who will always see your moves as competition

They want to keep the success and you remain a failure

They will secretly not be happy for your success because they always want to shine

They will always utter words that are meant to hurt you or belittle you.


Let me know in the comments what attributes make your friends avoidable.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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