Why People are always broke in January

People are usually excited when it gets to December because they eventually know the year is getting to its revelation. However, that’s not the only excitement that makes dimples appear on their faces.

The excitement of vacation, Christmas, and New Year celebration comes in handy. They start making new goals for the New Year and want to just spend all the luxurious time in the world with friends and family.

All efforts are directed to creating memories and impressions

Whether they are traveling or staying, they just want to make the best of it. All the promises made and lifestyles desired have to be fulfilled within that short period

In so doing, they month of January is neglected.

In this article, we want to share with you reasons why people hardly crawl the month of January with happy pockets.

1. They don’t budget well

Budgeting is the backbone of any planning. The moment you remove it from the equation, your goal becomes fragile.

Most people are not keen to start budgeting for the festive seasons as early as possible. They are rather driven with the “whatever comes” attitude. They are more focused on spending rather than saving.

They wait for December to arrive then they start recalling all the empty promises they made their loved ones and get into debts or swindle cash meant for other things just to fulfil those needs and wants.

2. They get random visitors

Festivities come with many people getting together. In the process, you will notice that you happen to host random visitors from friends or relatives that will need a cool treat.

You start to stretch your budget just to make everyone happy

This later leaves you crippled financially. It’s wise to be informed of all visitors you will be expecting any time of the year so that you can budget adequately.

3. They are pushed by impulse purchases

The festive seasons come with so many business opportunities. One such business that reaps the most is toys, gadgets, and cloth line.

Opportunity to spend presents itself when people randomly come across something nice that they start craving for. All they can think about is how to have it.

This trait makes people purchase things they don’t even need and most of the purchased items can hardly last.

4. They made so many promises

Parents are victims of this. They keep making promises to their kids all year long until such festivities appear and they have to fulfill their promises by all means even if what is required of them is beyond their means.

They will do anything to see their kids and family happy and enjoying

In doing so, they go the extra mile to spend more and meet the needs and wants of their families.

They tend to live above their means.

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5. They don’t have a job

The month of January is usually a period when everyone is looking for a fresh start. Companies and Organizations are hiring in every nook and cranny while others are downsizing to cut the costs.

This leaves unequal balance between the employed and the unemployed cycle.

So if you’re a job seeker within this period, it can really be tough to get a decent job leaving you jobless and penniless.

6. They never planned for any emergencies

During such periods, everyone is optimistic and excited. They seem to forget all the tragedies in the world.

In so doing, they spend frugally and fail to plan for emergencies like sickness or sudden death.

Therefore when such incidents happen, it drains their pockets to the last penny.

7. They can’t differentiate between a need and a want

The excitement of the holidays makes most people blind to differentiate between a need and a want.

A need is something you cannot do without whereas a want, you can definitely live without.

The force of choosing a want is so strong that if you cannot easily detect it when you’re on a stringent budget, you can easily get into debt.

Have you ever been broke in the month of January? Share with us some reasons why!

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here


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  1. Very good and realistic piece. If only all people can read this with understanding and putting into practice, economies will be fixed in due time.

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