How to know if you’re an introvert

In society, you meet different people with different character traits to the extent that if you’re not keen you may end up passing personal judgment on them without knowing the actual person.

Introverts are some of the people that exist in society.

What are introverts?

Introverts are people who love being calm and enjoy environments that give them peace of mind. They often get drained after socializing and feel so much better when they are alone.

It is believed that introverts’ brains react to dopamine differently compared to extrovert’s brains.

And so you may ask who an extrovert could be? Well, it’s the opposite of being an introvert. People who fall in this class are generally outspoken, they adapt to various environments and don’t feel socially awkward around people.

However, there is also a category of people who possess both traits and are called ambiverts.

Therefore in this article, we are going to dive into details and fine character traits that would help you determine if you’re an introvert.

1. You’re mindful

When you’re an introvert, your often mindful of how people around you feel and carefully select how you interact with people. You’re often caring even if you find a hard time to show it. You think thoroughly before speaking and once you decide to speak, people will often believe you.

2. People often try to change you

Introverts often struggle with being different around extroverts to the extent that the extroverts try to criticize and find loopholes in the way the introverts conduct themselves.

The extroverts often as questions like “why are you like this”, “Do you even talk?”

The extroverts may consider the introverts socially awkward and annoying to their confidence and outspokenness.

3. You’re not driven by peer pressure

Do you know the feeling of being driven by peer pressure? An introvert so firm to his/her ground. They are bound by their own rules and principles.

 They care less about what other people are doing so long as they don’t affect their personal space.

4. You’re curious about everything

Introverted people are often mysterious people. They seek out opportunities for adventure and learning things in a lonely environment.

They tend to want to know about things they don’t know in quiet.

5. You like to work in an environment isolated from people

If you’re an introvert, your biggest problem becomes people. You feel more free and joyful in an environment with less or without any people at all.

The introverts usually tend to take jobs where they are isolated from people such as graphics designing or web designing. And if an introvert is a CEO, they may prefer to put a note to stay quiet in their office the whole day.

6. Your keen on observing

Introverts learn most of the time from observation. They connect the dots more than extroverts.

 They do more listening to speaking and when they decide to speak, they do it from an expert point of view.

7. You think before you speak and slow to anger

Introverts often digest whatever is said and think thoroughly before concluding.

They also have the character trait of patience which makes them slow to anger.

You may continuously take advantage of them thinking they are stupid when they are studying you and boom, a broken relationship with him or her.

8. You enjoy opportunities for reflection

Introverts often seek opportunities for meditation and think about life in general.

They like to understand what is going on in their own lives and what they can do to improve themselves.

9. Being around very many people often drain you

Introverts often get exhausted being around people because they prefer quiet and being isolated. Lots of people stress introverts.

In case of an event, they often get relieved once the event is done as they get the time to go into their quarantine.

10. You’re selective on whom you hang out with

Introverts seem like they don’t have friends but they do. The only difference is that they are very selective with whom they become friends, associate, and share ideas.

If you’re a friend to an introvert, you may often have to adjust yourself accordingly once you understand that your friend is an introvert otherwise things will get ugly if you look at them from an extrovert’s point of view.

11. You often struggle to answer or make a phone call

An introvert experiences anxiety answering a phone call or making a phone call. They prefer texting to phone calls.

Usually, phone calls make them get sweaty feeling or anxiety

12. You pretend to be an extrovert

Introverts usually pretend to be an extrovert when around people but once in isolation, they feel a sensation of relief.

Do you know that there exist different categories of introverts? Categories include social introverts, thinking introverts, anxious introverts, and restrained introverts.

We want to hear from you. What traits do you possess that make you an introvert?

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here


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