Driving School in South Sudan: Requirements and How Much It Cost Me

On 6th April 2021, I walked into the office of diamond driving school for admission. The officer in charge gave me an admission form that I filled. There was nothing hard really, after going through the rules and regulations, you have to accept by filling in your names, nationality, signature, contact, and gender.

Diamond driving school is a registered company under the ministry of justice with the registration number 24071 and also registered with the South Sudan Traffic Police with registration number 2 in accordance with the South Sudan Traffic Act 2010.

The company offers a one month driving course compromising of the following stages;

  • Rounding > 8 days
  • Balancing > 6 [ 4 days(Petrol) & 2 days(Diesel)]
  • Straight Reverse > 4 days
  • L. Junction > 4 days
  • Highway > 7 days

The training is from Monday to Friday and Saturdays are reserved for simple mechanics and theory classes only.

The company also offers weekend programs on Saturdays and Sundays for busy students.

Like we all know that nothing is for free, there are admission requirements in order to enroll in this training. One of them is the tuition fees which costs about 30,000ssp, Admission form itself which costs 1000ssp, student’s identity card processing which costs 2000ssp totaling 33,000ssp.

You must also carry along a two passport size photos for the ID and Certificate.

Payment is either done in the office in cash or through Equity Bank on the following bank details,

  • Account Name: Diamond Driving School co ltd
  • Account Number: 2010211294510

Again, whether you pay in the bank or in their office solely depends on you.

Upon payment, you will be issued a receipt and form for the level you paid for i.e. rounding, balancing straight reverse, L. Junction, and highway.

You will be required to sign the form for the number of days you spend per level and bring it to the office for renewal when going to the next stage. For example, after spending 8 days on rounding, you will bring the form to the office and a new form for balancing will be issued to you with the specific dates. The same applies to all the other levels.

You can, however, pay in installments i.e. first installment of fifteen thousand south Sudanese pounds (15,000), and pay the next installments before starting and the last installment after completion of the final stage.

When you successfully finish all the levels up to the highway, you will sit for theory examinations after which you will be awarded a certificate.

Collection of the certificate costs south Sudanese pounds five hundred.


  • The office of Diamond Driving School is located at Munuki Bilpam Road opposite SMECOS Rainbow Football Ground together with ABC Driving School Office.
  • Every student must wear close shoe when going for training and uses first-come, first-serve basis.
  • The entire training is done using manual cars and conducted at New Site,Bilpam Road.


My time with Diamond Driving School was fruitful. I hope this information helps you or anyone seeking to learn to drive in South Sudan. If you have questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments section. Thanks!

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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