How to Validate If Your Smartphone and Battery Are Original (Infinix Guide)

If you’re the kind that buys smartphones without validating whether it’s original or not, you better start taking caution. Product imitation is something inevitable in the world we live in today.

Just a few years back when I was still smarting up about tech and gadgets, I happened to purchase a duplicate infinix hot 8. Am sure you’re wondering how I might be stupid to land on a duplicate smartphone.

To ice up the puzzle for you, I was in need of a smartphone at that time but I had a low budget. Most phones ranged from $100 and above. The infinix hot 8 had just come out and was selling hot at $200.

So I came across an online advert on Facebook Smartphone selling platforms that were opting to sell the phone to me at $100. Being so desperate, I fell for the offer.

We connected on phone and I was given the direction for the location of the smartphone store (Not my usual location where I buy original smartphones).

On reaching there, the brand new smartphone was unboxed for me and I checked everything. Just the dream hot 8 I was looking for.

I hastily bought and packed it. I reached home and charged it to 100% battery.

It was not long when I started enjoying my internet connectivity. But the nightmare came when my battery started suddenly dropping from 100% to 50% under 5 minutes of using the brand new phone.

That’s when I discovered that the product I bought was actually a duplicate. What more could I do, I tried reconnecting to the dealer and my calls would go through unpicked.

Don’t get carried away, follow these steps and verify whether your infinix Smartphone or batteries are Original.

Steps to follow to verify for Infinix Smartphone

=> Login into the infinix Verification tool

=> Insert your IMEI and VC number for phone verification and SN for the battery.

=> Submit and wait for results.

You will be informed if or not your smartphone or battery is a genuine infinix product.


  • The IMEI of your infinix is usually written on the back of the phone but you can also dial *#06# to get it.
  • Check on the battery or the phone itself (usually found below the battery compartment) to get the VC.

Once you have the IMEI and VC, you can know if your smartphone device is original. To check whether your battery is original or not, you need the Serial Number of the battery and you can always find it written on the battery.


Infinix and Tecno smartphones are widely used across Africa and widely known for making affordable devices with great and outstanding features (especially the strong batteries which I love the most).

My encounter should not discourage you that all infinix phones are counterfeit and fake because, with this guide, you can now differentiate the fake/counterfeit ones.

This guide will also help you, out of curiosity, if you like to know if your device is genuine or not.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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