How to Make Money Blogging in South Sudan (In-depth Guide)

In this post, I will be sharing with you some of the amazing ways you can earn money blogging in South Sudan. If you have never tried blogging before, all these tips may sound new but when you give it time to learn, they will simply be a walkover.

Am not here to preach theory because some of these legit methods are implemented right here on this blog that you’re viewing.

South Sudan is considered a young nation with lots of money-making opportunities. But the million-dollar question is: are these opportunities equally shared among the South Sudanese? That remains a mystery for now.

South Sudan is a fractured nation with the government and private sector trying to offer jobs that are not enough for the unemployed youths in the country.

Many graduates are lingering on the streets of juba without jobs. Some have been forced to turn into hardcore criminal masterminds in order to earn a living. It’s indeed frustrating to live in South Sudan if you’re jobless. I mean every day you wake up to new prices ranging from food to high cost of living.

If am to pen down the problems associated with this young nation, a booklet won’t be enough.

But the good news is that internet technologies have now opened up new opportunities where South Sudanese youths can now use the internet in their free time to make some bucks online. One of the highly recommended ways to make money online in South Sudan is through what is called blogging.

If you have been contemplating how you can make money with a blog, these are some of the proven ways you can earn a living through blogging.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the popular ways to make money from blogging in South Sudan. However, I haven’t come across companies within South Sudan that do offer Affiliate Programs (If you know be sure to leave in the comments section)

Most of the companies I subscribe to become their Affiliate are international and best work in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania where internet use has skyrocketed among young people.

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based form of marketing where an affiliate marketer earns a commission on every product/service sold through their affiliate links. It works best provided you attract the right audience.

If you wish to read more about Affiliate Marketing and how it works, Click here => What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it Work?

The beauty about affiliate marketing is you do not need thousands of page views to generate income. You just need to build loyal blog readers/audience that actually purchases the product/services through your affiliate link. If your blog has gained a reputation, that will make your followers trust you and definitely believe in whatever product/service you recommend.

Affiliate marketing can generate more income compared to advertising income if you choose the right networks and do it the right way. In fact, we have a shop on this blog where you can purchase services and services directly, ranging from Webhosting (A2 Web Hosting) and products from Jumia (Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, etc.) and Amazon

You can visit our shop at:

Some of the popular affiliate networks South Sudanese use include:

  • Web Hosting Affiliate Networks like A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Hostgator, Goddady etc.
  • Amazon Associates
  • Shareasale
  • Clickbank
  • Ebay Partner Networks
  • Commision Junction

Affiliate Marketing works best for people with a website or blog to display the product/service. However don’t expect immediate results, it might take some time before you can actually start earning although it’s a worthy investment.

2. Display Advertising

There are many advertising networks that South Sudanese use to make money from blogging. However, Google AdSense remains the most popular form of Advertisement bloggers use to monetize their blogs.

Google AdSense allows you to become a publisher and place advertisements on your blog and you will earn a commission every time people view or click on the Advertisements.

The amount of money you earn entirely depends on the volume of your traffic.

For starters that get little traffic, generating earnings from Google AdSense may not be as lucrative as such, thus your best advised to include other monetization methods to increase your earnings.

Listed are some of the AdSense Alternatives you can use on your blog. These alternatives will earn you some good money but they are not effective as AdSense.

3. Sell Products Online

Although I have not tried this yet, you can make money from blogging in South Sudan by selling products online. This works best for the fashion niche. Start a fashion blog and display your products to your blog audience. If the products are appealing enough, trust me people will be willing to buy and you will make some decent cash.

If your blog is running on WordPress, be sure to check out the Woocommerce plugin. The plugin will give you all the features you need to display your products in an organized format and at the same time allow you to receive payments (PayPal, stripe even mobile money) online.

4. Sell Advert Space

If you can manage to attract a good volume of traffic to your blog/website, you can sell advertising spaces to corporate companies like MTN South Sudan, Zain South Sudan by placing their advert banners on your blog.

Most of these companies pay a minimum of $300 dollar to have their advert run on your blog for a month. However for these companies to give you advertising deals, your blog should be generating traffic relevant to their target audience.

If you have a blog and most of its traffic comes from America, MTN South Sudan won’t probably advertise on your blog because its target audience is South Sudanese, not Americans.

5. Freelance writing

Freelancing is also another popular way to make money online. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work from anywhere in the world. It can be your bed or sofa set. All you require is active internet connectivity.

Below is a list of some of the freelancing sites you can exploit.

If you think you have what it takes to make money online in South Sudan by writing, then freelance writing may just be the one thing you’re looking for. Choose one freelance network that suits your skills and start making money.

6. Sell eBooks

If you have an in-depth understanding of a topic in your blog niche, you can create an eBook (electronic book) and sell it to your blog readers. In South Sudan, this is known as information marketing.

Most South Sudanese nowadays thoroughly research and get enough information about it before venturing into anything.

7. Offer Consulting Services

Your audience will always want to know the story behind your success. So they will be reaching out to you to get tips on how you made it. Charge them a consultation fee.

I offer consultation services in different IT fields, in case you want to meet me for one on one talk for one hour, I will charge you $50. Yes, that is it! Knowledge doesn’t come at a free cost.

8. Link Building

Link building refers to the practice of promoting someone’s website by placing their website’s link (hyperlinks) on one of your website’s pages or an article. It’s also known as Linkbuilding.

When your website traffic grows, people will begin to contact you asking you to include their website/blog links in your articles.

If your blog has good traffic and a high page rank in Google, you could charge them anywhere between $50 to $200 for link inclusion. I charge whoever wants their blog/website links included in my blog.

However, some bloggers will write free articles for your website/blog in exchange for backlinks. This is commonly known as Guest Posting. If you want to guest post on our blog, click here to read the general guidelines.

A guest author gives you free original content and you give them a free backlink. This is a very nice way to grow your blog content.

9. Sponsored Posts and Reviews

This is another way bloggers in South Sudan make money. You could review people’s products and they pay you in return. You can charge anywhere between $50 to $100 per sponsored post or review.

This is a lucrative way top bloggers in South Sudan make money.

For Sponsored Posts and Review on Our blog, click here

10. Start a membership program

If you’re an expert in any field say accounting, engineering, and web development, you can create an online membership club where you offer premium content to your readers. You could for example mastermind a group where members get hot money-making techniques. Such information will help them maximize their business cash flow and revenues.

You can monetize this by charging the members a fixed monthly subscription fee in order to be receiving your services. The fee can range anywhere from $5 and above.

However, to earn the trust of people with your service, you must have the capacity to provide firsthand information never seen anywhere before. If you can’t produce high-quality content by yourself, outsource from experts.

11. Use your blog to promote your business

Many South Sudanese today are now using blogs to promote their businesses. For example, local web hosting companies in South Sudan write blogs on their company websites in order to engage their audience and network with their potential clients.

Local freelancers also maintain blogs to establish themselves as experts by providing information to internet users.

12. Accept Donations on Your Blog

The other way of making money from your blog is through accepting donations via your blog. Although this is something uncommon in South Sudan, there will always be people who will fall in love with your blog and feel like rewarding you for your hard work. It’s a nice way to earn free cash.

You can install Woocommerce mobile plugin to start receiving local and international donations. If you need help with the installation, feel free to contact me here

13. Public Speaking

Having a professional and authentic blog that is active will get people to notice you. Sooner or later people will start contacting you to speak at various youth events. The decision to accept will be upon you.

If you’re a good speaker, this can present an opportunity for you to make extra money. You will get paid for speaking wherever you’re invited.

14. Sell services Online

There are so many services that you can sell online in South Sudan. Instead of wasting your airtime browsing social media and gossiping, you can earn extra bucks when you decide to offer your skills for pay.

Most of these skills require you to have a laptop and an internet connection and you can just do everything from the comfort of your home

Some popular services include graphic design, writing and translations, advertising, and writing business plans for people.

15. Sell online course

Blogging equips people with numerous experiences and skills that can be put collectively inform of courses sold online. Courses are more marketable than eBooks today. I am yet to create courses and I will share with you the experience.

You can create courses and new students subscribe every month at a fee. Make use of your skills and expertise to make money.


I hope this guide has given you an insight into how to make money blogging in South Sudan. Don’t just look at it as simple tips because blogging requires so much hard work, patience, and perseverance. Please note that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Don’t get frustrated and give up when you don’t see it yield results early enough. If you need a blog created for you, feel free to contact me

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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