5 birthday gifts that will blow your girlfriend away

Every girl desires to be handled like an egg. That care makes them feel special and that’s a good feeling for them.

So if you’re into dating, you ought to treat your lady like the queen no matter the cost. I know the ideology of stingy women association and stingy men association is penetrating society hard, but that should not deter you from showing your loved one all the care and love they desire.

Remember nothing can ever hold you back from someone you love until you fall out of love with them

Just don’t strain yourself to make yourself possessed over her, at the cost of being ignored. The moment you notice that you’re sacrificing a lot in your relationship with your partner acting like a slay queen, I will be ready to sign you up in any of those associations because you deserve it.

Fasten up, because we want to share with you some birthday gifts that will put a smile on your better half’s’ face.

1. Smartphone

Girls are blown away when it comes to gifting them with smartphones. They love smartphones for their cameras that can allow them to tint their pictures and become the true paragons of beauty.

They are also carried away with the brands of the phones: – Get your girl an iPhone, heaven, and earth will switch places. They love the idea of luxury.

If it’s any other brand, it should be the expensive type with the required Apps that will make her fall in love with the phone.

NB: Only opt to buy this gift if your budget won’t strangle you afterwards.

2. Teddy bear

This is one gift that ladies adore. Getting for them a teddy bear makes you their darling during the course of the night. Whenever they cuddle the teddy bear, it’s like they are actually cuddling you.

Teddy bears also tend to remove the feeling of loneliness from most girls especially during those weird hours of mood swings.

3. Car

If you’re the next bill gates, it very ok to get this gift for your girlfriend. Girls love feeling special and adored. A gift in form of a car will just make her day.

She will understand the truthfulness of your feelings and how you want to see her happy.

Make sure to take her for driving lessons to avoid bad consequences if she’s not skilled at driving.

4. A surprise birthday party

Throwing a surprise birthday party is a very nice and smart idea. She will be wowed by the surprise and won’t forget how you made her feel that day.

She will know that you deeply care for her and want to see her happy.

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5. Cloth

In case she is the type that fantasizes about clothes, identify her favorite color and type of cloth and buy it as a surprise gift for her birthday.

Make sure to know her size of cloth not to buy a smaller or bigger size compared to her body.

6. Jewelry

Necklaces and earrings will be a very good choice for a birthday gift. Just make sure that she has the holes for the earrings pierced in advance before you decide to buy the gift.

It will be of no use when you buy earrings that won’t be worn

7. Handbag

Handbags are also a very nice choice of a gift. Get a classy and nice handbag that can look fancy on her.

The handbag will allow her to keep her valuables like perce in one place.

The handbag should go with her tastes of color.

Having chosen one of these options for your girlfriend’s birthday, another surprise that will make all the dimples flourish her face is a very nice photoshoot from a renowned photography location. This will leave everlasting memories.

Share with us in the comments what kind of birthday gifts you get your gf.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

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