How I prepared my blog for Google AdSense

Recently my site was approved for Google AdSense, trust me the feeling was awesome. You see, starting a blog and earning money is another level.

Many beginners often start blogs or websites with the hype of earning money as soon as possible. Sorry! It doesn’t work like that.

Your input should be greater than your ego

The complicated part is when you don’t actually know what you’re doing. You need to do thorough research before you can embark on such a journey because it will need you to apply lots of skills and knowledge.

Blogging is a trend that has been in existence for some time now and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. People forge a living through it in so many different ways.

There exists alternative publisher networks to AdSense like, propeller ads but Google AdSense just happens to be one of the best.

Stay with me as I share with you how to prepare your website/blog for AdSense and what steps you will require to create AdSense Account and monetize your site.

AdSense Requirements

  • Unique Content

AdSense requires unique and original content. AdSense does not permit websites that copy content from other websites.

Your content should also include 600 words and above.

They require you to come up with something completely different that communicates to a specific audience.

  • Plagiarism Checker Tools

Since AdSense requires original content, the only way you can achieve that level of accuracy is when you check your content for plagiarism.

Tools like duplichecker will definitely do a good job here.

  • AdSense Policy Guidelines

AdSense requires you to follow their policy guidelines which includes set of rules you should follow in order to be accepted for their program.

You can view AdSense policy guidelines here

The start-up process, from creating an account with Google AdSense, account review, Application acceptance by AdSense team and implementation of Ads on your website sounds simple until you try

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However, the AdSense approval process has been simplified for new publishers. Here are pre-requisites to ensure that your Website gets eligible for AdSense Approval.

  • Ensure that your website/blog is compatible with Google AdSense
  • Signup for a Google AdSense Account
  • Login to your Google AdSense Account
  • Add the Google AdSense Code to your website
  • Wait for 2 weeks for Google AdSense Approval

In normal circumstances, the approval process is supposed to take up to 48hours until it is reviewed and you start placing ads on your website.

Here is the process for complete Google AdSense approval

  • Visit AdSense and register. Fill in all the required information such as your name, email address, address, and website URL.
  •  Login to your AdSense account and place the code on the header section of your website.
    • Use site kit plugin if you’re using WordPress
  • It might take up to 2 weeks for approval
  • After the final approval, you will receive a confirmation through your email.
  • You can then enable Ads on your website or blog
  • The Ads can be set up manually or you can automate them
  • Google AdSense will mail a PIN to your address once your earning reaches $100
  • Login to your Google AdSense Account and enter the PIN once you receive it.
  • Congrats, you completed the process! Once you’re earning reaches $100, Google AdSense can send you the money or you can wire through bank transfer which is much recommended.

Google AdSense is sensitive about domain ownership verification so this entire process can help them to identify whether the domain belongs to you and makes it difficult for people using other people’s websites to get into AdSense.


In order to make your content unique, you need to check for plagiarism in your content and also ensure that the content is grammatically correct.

You must also include pages like the privacy page, contact page, and about page on your website.

Have you signed up for Google AdSense? What’s your experience getting your site Approved?

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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