8 Reasons you should think about starting a blog

Starting a blog sounds easy. Many people rush to start a blog thinking that they will definitely earn money and become rich quickly.

Am not saying you won’t earn money blogging but there is a lot of hard work in the background before its success. The driving force should be something greater than just the financial aspect of blogging.

You need to sacrifice your time and mind to brainstorm useful ideas and a road map in the niche you have chosen.

Continue reading to the end to find out why you should consider starting a blog.

1. Putting Gadgets to Good Use

This is the “me too” era. You have a laptop! Me too! You have a smartphone! Me too! Almost everyone has everything. No one is left behind. Even the oldies are dotcom now.

Study shows that about 80% of young people use their smartphones to access social media. Does that mean that social media is the ultimate purpose of a phone? It’s phenomenal.

I want to make good use of my laptop and smartphone to blog, do projects, and make research.

2. Get a Hobby

Have you ever written an article and find it published in a magazine or newspaper? How is the feeling? Good right.

Well, blogging is similar to that! When you start, you just can’t stop. It becomes a hobby that makes you feel sweet every time you express your mind and thoughts. It reduces anxiety and stress since you get a medium to focus.

I wouldn’t be writing this if it didn’t even turn out to be a hobby to me. Am passionate about writing and this should be the ultimatum for starting a blog.

3. Help Business Owners Scale Up Online

If you’re sitting on particular expertise such as digital marketing, you’re wasting time. Blogging is a perfect side hustle to put all that knowledge and skills to good use.

You may offer consultation services to business owners online at a small charge. Advertise their business or even participate in affiliate marketing.

4. Create a Brand 

Big brands like Nike, coca-cola all started small with just a name. Blogging allows you to position yourself in a particular niche and brand yourself as a blogger, author, and analyst among others.

It allows you to become an influencer and contribute to society since everyone gets to look up to you. Popularity is the price.

5. Make Money Legally Online

Unlike the traditional blogs, you’re able to monetize blog nowadays. This is good since you get rewarded for the content that took you time to come up with.

You can advertise, partner with sponsors, and even offer freelance services to increase your income portfolio.

Your investment is put on building traffic for the blog and maintaining the traffic.

6. Create a tribe

Do you know the immense benefit that comes with having a community of followers? A tribe is simply followers. Blogging allows you to bring people from all walks of life into a single platform.

It’s difficult to attract and train people at the initial stages of blogging but once the numbers start coming, it’s a hurricane.

You can easily convert this following into customers.

7. Network and connect with like-minded people.

They say when you fly with eagles you become like them. Often your personality is affected by your association.

You advance more quickly when you’re surrounded by people who build you up and see the best in you all the time. That’s why forums exist! To attend to challenges and get answers.

8. Share expertise

Knowledge is key when it comes to expertise. It would be no good starting a blog with no information that tickles somebody out there. The why? The where? The when? The how?

These are questions you must answer when sharing your knowledge and information on topics. Your skills are exceptional since everyone is born unique. A lot of time is put on research to avoid outputting raw data.

Hence starting this blog is on the foundation sharing my expertise in digital marketing, web designing, and accounting.


Blogging is a very nice venture to explore! Be ready to brainstorm and avail your audience with original content. Let me know in the comments what you think about blogging.

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Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here


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