How to Make Your First $1000 Blogging (In 30 Days)

There are different reasons why people blog but in this article, I will focus on profitable blogging and how you can start making money from your blog even when you do not have experience.

How to start a profitable blog

Starting a profitable blog involves three things;

1. Choosing a profitable niche

There are three things to consider when choosing a niche that is;

  • Your passion, experience, and expertise. You are more likely to persevere and become successful when you build a blog around your passion, experience, and expertise.
  • Can you find someone who is already running a successful blog in the niche you do like to launch a blog in?
  • Do you have a product or business in that niche and would like to use a blog to promote it?
  • Choosing easy to rank domain name

How to choose an easy-to-rank domain name

Use a Search engine-friendly domain name where you combine relevant keywords together to form a domain name.

Establish a Brandable domain name where you form one from scratch like Google, Facebook, Tesla, etc.

2. Targeting the right audience

The final thing you will consider is the kind of audience you are targeting. The best kind of audience to target when starting and growing a blog are those with a huge advertising budget.

Now the question is how do you know those with huge advertising budgets?

The answer is simple, focus on a niche whose keywords have high CPC

The higher the cost per click in any niche, the more likely you are going to make money in that niche if you attract just enough traffic to it.

How to select the right keywords

To choose the right keywords, here are three strategies that have proven to work effectively.

  1. Trendy topics
  2. Timeroid techniques
  3. Evergreen content

Keywords chosen from these angles perform better on search engines

The next step is to get the short-tail keywords and then proceed to turn them into long-tail keywords

While you can do this manually, using a tool like a keyword everywhere in a chrome extension can make all the difference.

The Timeroid technique is a strategy where you write for the future long before the time comes. A typical example is;”25 business opportunities that will create millionaires by 2023”

Evergreen content does not have an expiry date. It can stay relevant as long as it can get.

How to Make Your Website Content Rank on Google

One of the reliable ways to make your content rank is to create many variants of long-tail keywords

Target “People also ask keywords

Avoid keyword cannibalization (when you have many keywords pointing in the same direction or saying the same thing)

Assuming the title of your article is,

21 easy ways to start business opportunities that will make you a millionaire by 2023″.

I used the qualifier “easy to start” to improve my headline and make my article distinct from what may have been in existence

Other qualifiers are

  • Interesting
  • Amazing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hot
  • Affordable

You can use these qualifiers to create long keyword variants inside the body and sub-headlines.

Ways to make money from blogging

  • Sales of information product
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Offer services from your blog

How to Make Your First $1000 Blogging (In 30 Days)

  • Build an audience on WhatsApp, Facebook group, YouTube channel, Telegram group, or an email list.
  • Pick a profitable niche in that you promote a hot affiliate product in
  • Write a long-form post educating people about the solution that the product you selected has to offer
  • For each article, you write, recommend the affiliate product
  • Push as much traffic to your article as you can.
  • If you are persuasive enough and you are promoting a great product, you can easily hit $1000 in 30 days.

I hope you like this post! Cheers!

Written by Mila Joshua Yona

Pro South Sudanese Blogger, Digital Marketer & Web Designer. I help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group Here or Telegram Group Here

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